Chairman’s Message

Looking forward, Centum Charitas Foundation (CCF) will keep transforming in response to emerging global climate change with potential food crisis and to align with China’s “Dual Carbon Goals”. Riding on our positive impact in driving AI coding education, we move forward to set up two new directions in pursuing for “Tech-for-good” and “Sustainability” education with the intention to develop young talent in these perspectives as well as “ESG” (Environment, Social and Governance) field. We envision to enable and empower our youth with global perspectives so that they can participate and contribute to the emerging global issues.
“Future Summit” with the theme of investing in the future of mankind will be held as an advocacy platform to showcase potential solutions to address emerging challenges from climate change, as well as an exhibition and incubation platform for young innovators to demonstrate their innovative solution. We envision to invite like-minded enterprises with application platform to join us, together with cross sector support from the HKSAR Government, business sector, academic sector as well as, impact investment funding sources to jointly incubate solutions with application platform and
commercialization strategy.
Friends and fellows, we are now facing unprecedented transformation with both opportunities and challenges, and our future depends on the “4Cs”:

Children, our next generation;

City, Hong Kong, our home;

Country, our motherland is our foundation and our strength; and

Climate, our planet and our future!
I look forward to collaborating with all of you to be the “forces of good” for our children, our city, our country and our climate!

What is Centum Youth?

“Centum Youth” is a student community affiliated with the Centum Charitas Foundation for a group of students with dreams, creativity, and who are willing to put in the effort to pursuit of success. (Age 15-24)

Centum Youth’s slogan

“Advance Today, Success on the way”


AI Coding Education Programme

The graduation ceremony of the “AI Coding Education Programme”, a collaboration between CCF and the Youth Volunteer Team of the Kowloon Federation of Associations, was held on 13 May 2023. 17 young students from primary and secondary schools learned programming skills to build a solid foundation for AI dexterity. The students unleashed their creativity and joy of learning, as seen in the graduation photos, where each had a happy smile, proving their eagerness to learn AI coding programming.

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