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Centum Charitas Foundation x HoC AI Coding Class for Primary School

The classes are focused on basic coding techniques using micro:bit and block-based programming. It will also go through the use of micro:bit as physical computing, bridging software and hardware. This also go through the process of programming, debugging and calibrating when errors are found in coding. As the technology evolves, we encourage the students to further study by themselves after they completed the basic classes. It helps to make the AI learning in a sustainable way.

Target Participant: Primary Student (P4-P6) and their parents
Registration Deadline: From now till 31 August, 2024
Pre-requisite: Interested in coding
Language: Cantonese
Enquiry: Email: [email protected]
Tel:2720 2823
Fax:2720 2021
Attachment: 1. Class Content details
2. Application Form Template

Starting a Business - Summer Internship Programme 2023

The theme of the internship programme is entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area. For young people, entrepreneurship is their dream, but due to the lack of capital and resources in the environment, we have created a "dream home" for Hong Kong and Macau young people to start their own businesses, and aspirations to gather for innovation and entrepreneurship. This will lay a good foundation for future business start-ups.