” Mainland Internship Programme 2024″ Briefing Session

We held a briefing session on “Mainland Internship Programme 2024″on 22nd  June.  Apart from explaining the detailed arrangements of the programme to the university students who will be going to the Mainland for internship in July, we also arranged a bond-building activity named “Dark Tour” for them to get to know each other.

We are honored to have invited the advisor of our Foundation. Mr KWOK Yat Ming, the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, to share on “One Country, Two Systems”, the Basic Law, and the National Security Law to the students, so that they would be equipped to promote Hong Kong during their internship.

Finally, the Vice-President of  our Foundation, Mr Henry LIU Yu Hin, MH, a district council member of the Northern District, encouraged the students to make good use of this internship opportunity and wished them a fruitful internship experience. Mr Liu also shared with the students the scope of work of a District Council member, which helped them to know more about the work of a council member and to broaden the scope of their future employment.