Vision and Mission

CCF is committed to nurture our youth to embody benevolence, to advance

career development and to embrace difference with compassion and love.


The Centum Charitas Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation registered in Hong Kong in 2008. It was founded by Dr Peter LEE Ka Kit, GBS, JP, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Henderson Land Group. Dr Peter LEE Ka Kit, is currently the Chairman of the Foundation. CCF is dedicated to the future development of Hong Kong’s youth and brings together with Hong Kong’s prominent entrepreneurial families as council members to support good causes and promote partnerships between business and social welfare groups. In past 14 years, CCF has covered over 170,000 beneficiaries in local community. CCF is committed to empower and enable talented youth to be change makers to address pressing social and global issues stemming from climate change and AI development trend. CCF had launched a community-wise AI education program since 2019 with the purpose to drive for AI coding education as early intervention to prepare for our next generation. Up till now, over 60,000 students had been equipped the future skills. From time to time, we partner with other organisations and individuals to organise charitable activities that promote the spirit of giving and benefit the Hong Kong community.


To empower young people with the skills, attitude and knowledge to become valuable asset of society and contribute to sustainable development.


We nurture young people of excellence and good character, who can serve as role models for others and contribute to society and the world.

We encourage young people to develop a sense of commitment to sustainable development, establish a sense of mission, and work together to solve pressing global issues.

We strive to create opportunities for young talent to be future cornerstones of the community.